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A&Co. Media is a team of highly experienced marketing consultants that provide everything you need to grow your business.

A&Co. Media services are built to grow traffic to your site, improve sales in your e-commerce store or drive more leads in your business.

A&Co. has a mixture of specialist in-house built tools and platforms combined with market-leading systems such as Agency Analytics, Programmatic Advertising, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Hotjar, Amazon Ads, Content development, Google Analytics, and many more to bring the best performance marketing service to you.



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Corporate Identity and Branding

Branding speaks of the brand’s identity and that’s why in Birdmilk we make sure that every detail in the design is taken into thorough consideration, seeing that it is a reflection of what the brand stands for.

Social Media Marketing

Grow your brand awareness. Create the desired image and increase sales. All this is possible thanks to competent work with social networks. Social Media Marketing (SMM) includes the development of a strategy, the creation of a unique design and the introduction of a mechanic for community management, which is controlled by SMM specialists.

Media Production

We will add our creativity and the technical means to deliver the perfect photography and video production to engage your customers and reflect the brilliance of your brand and grow your business

Email Marketing

We know time is your most precious resource. You shouldn’t have to waste it fussing with complicated email platforms, A&Co. media helps you execute successful email marketing campaigns that drives more leads and sales to your organization

Search Engine Optimization

This is one of our agency’s unique services, and we are convinced that search engine optimization is the core of all digital marketing. We have been doing search engine optimization for more than 12 years and have accumulated a lot of experience in solving the most complex tasks, from promoting local stores to multinational corporations and ultra-complex niches.

Mobile App Development

Using solid expertise in mobile apps development, our team will help you create practical and seamless experiences on any device and get the best of mobile technology for your business.

Website Development

We create digital experiences that excite and inspire. A well-thought-out, professional website design helps improve the customer journey, simplifies work with the website, allows the website to adapt to all devices, helps retain user attention, creates an image and allows a potential customer to remember your brand better.

Digital Advertising

Online advertising is a great tool for creating an instant effect. With the help of contextual advertising, you can immediately receive the first sales, orders or downloads. Pay-per-click advertising is also great for checking a business model or increasing brand awareness. In most cases that apply an integrated approach to digital marketing, Online advertising is one of the mandatory sales channels.

Online Reputation Management

Track overall brand health, create content your audience wants
to see, generate ideas for future campaigns, improve your customer experience and drive
strategic product decisions

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