Service Costing and Pricing

“ To Gain And Maintain A Winning Position, You Need Will Established Costing System, Supported By An Effective Healthcare Information System And Change Management Vision. ”

Benchmark Is Not Pricing

  • There is a misconception by many managers that the benchmark is pricing, and this is not true.
  • Pricing is a scientific method of calculating the fair value of a service that can be accepted in the market, While a benchmark is a way to test how competitive prices are in the healthcare market
  • We here at A&Co. always recommend using scientifically studied methods in pricing healthcare services

What we do

  • Build your costing system

  • Identify cost problems

  • Scaling overhead costs

  • Perform cost analysis, benchmarks

  • Training your financial staff

“The price not only ensures that the costs of providing services are covered. Price adjustments are made to ensure competition and continuity”

our methodology

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