The Team

Dr. Ayman Ibrahim CEO & Co-Founder

Total 27 years of experience , 15 years in RCM and Health insurance , RCM strategy and Leadership, A management professional with 26+ years of outstanding track in management of Medical Insurance Benefits, Contract & Network Management, Member Advocacy and Revenue Cycle Management in healthcare.

Dr. Mohammad Ali Hadi Training Director


17 years in RCM and Health insurance , Expert in Clinical Documentation improvement, Medical Coding, Auditing and RCM , collaboration with Coders, Case Managers and Physicians to ensure the best quality of documentation and coding.

Dr. Mohammad Hassan Mardini Medical Director & Co-Founder


10 years working experience, Physician with Revenue Cycle Management experience with different organizations, Expert in healthcare facilities Revenue optimization operations within an insurance and Finance practice. Manages adjusters, investigators, and appraisers

Kirubakaran Rajendran Marketing Director


High performance SEO/SEM, and Digital Marketing Lead with 10 years’ achievement in data-driven Search Engine Optimization Strategy and Execution, PPC/Biddable Media Campaigns, Conversion Optimization, User Experience (UX) Design, Social Media Campaigns, and eCommerce. With multiple Google certifications (a Google Analytics expert) and strong commercial acumen, brings exceptional skills with analytics tools including Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, and Kissmetrics as well as Google 360 suite

The Problem

It is a fact that number of challenges healthcare organizations in MENA region face is too numerous to count.
Training can play an integral role in improving operational and employee performance. The goal here is to transform healthcare workers’ skills and abilities to help address these challenges – instead of simply transferring information about these issues.

Despite the progressive growth of the healthcare sector in MENA region in the past decade , and the forecasts for this growth between 2020-2030 , there is a lack of innovative solutions to share the healthcare knowledge and training across the healthcare professionals in the region or connecting them throughout the world , this have created a gap between the health care knowledge base of the region workforces and the rest of the world.

What is really needed , is a healthcare dedicated solution that bridges this gap and exchange the knowledge inwards and outwards the region , to create a cosmopolitan healthcare community, nevertheless , the affordability of this solution is a crucial aspect should be focused to suit the purchasing power in MENA region and Africa, as most of the available international platforms do not consider this aspect.

The Solutions

To provide the most reliable and the latest news through our portal, we deploy technology to make this process simultaneous and directly updated from the sources.

  • I. News Aggregation: We collect the news from several international and regional organizations and healthcare authorities where these sources are recognized internationally as decent and reliable sources, using the RSS feeds.
  • II. News Segregation: We segregate these pieces of news into 10 main categories to attract wide range of healthcare professionals by filtering the news aggregated automatically via keywords to ensure that the relevant topics will fall under the correct category.

The process of news aggregation and segregation is fully automated to ensure cost and time effectiveness.

Healthcare E-Learning Marketplace ( Hfaculty Learning):

The Online Learning Portal is the first E-learning marketplace dedicated for healthcare professionals in the world, we offer convenient way to share and receive knowledge from a single source. It is considered one of HFACULTY’s main services through which we will be able to contribute to knowledge sharing among healthcare professionals in the target region. We will offer high quality courses at affordable fees. The courses will be covering a wide range of specialties for both professional and certification courses in the areas of: Medicine, Nursing, Allied Health, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Medical Coding, Medical Billing, Patient Access, Healthcare Marketing, Healthcare IT, HR, Procurement, and Finance

  • Physicians
  • Medical Students
  • Nursing
  • Allied health
  • Pharmacy
  • Dentistry
  • Medical Coding
  • Medical Billing
  • Patient Access
  • Healthcare Marketing
  • Healthcare IT
  • HR professionals
  • Procurement Professional
  • Financial Professionals