What is Manaala

Manaala is the first e-learning portal specialized for engineering professional in the Middle East and Africa.

A full library with 100s of different topics of Engineering courses & certifications for under graduates & professionals.

How Manaala Works

  • Create an account
  • Open the libraries
  • 100s of courses
  • Choose a course
  • Online Payment

Courses Sample

The First Specialized online training and education portal specialized in the Engineering sector.

Become a Partner

You can easily become an instructor with Manaala.

Choosing the topics, prepare a ppt presentation on Manaala templates, add a voice over.

Manaala Role

  • Responsible of all marketing activities.
  • Reach to all Engineering communities.
  • Handle operations.
  • Handle payment gate ways.
  • Cover all Engineering topics.
  • Reach for middle east & Africa.
  • Responsible for instructors’ payments.